Friday, January 24, 2014

Cold Weather Cabin Fever = Mall Scavenger Hunt!

Well today made a perfect 5-for-5 on no school this week.  Snow, ice, and single-digit temperatures kept our kids out of school.  Mom was on-point for most of the week but had some appointments she had to keep on Friday, and it was Dad's turn to take off work and find something to do with three cabin-crazy kiddos.  

So Dad and the kids headed up to Lexington to do a scavenger hunt at the mall - the goal was to find something for each letter of the alphabet and have AJ photograph it with his iPod.  Rules: (1) no taking pictures of people, (2) the item had to be a "thing", not an adjective (green sweater) or store name (Macy's) or just a word on a sign (SALE!).  (Another good rule that would've made it better would have been that the thing had to be for sale, but we didn't think of that early enough.) The mission was a success, and we got some exercise in the process.  Free fun on a frigid winter day!

Mallrats for a day

A is for airplane

B is for babies

C is for crabs

D is for DVDs

E is for escalator

F is for fairies

G is for gumballs

H is for hats

I is for ice

J is for jewelry

K is for key

L is for lights

M is for minions

N is for necklaces

O is for oars

P is for pillows

Q is for quilt

R is for rods and reels (double letter bonus!)

S is for shirt (too easy)

T is for tractor

U is for umbrella

V is for volleyballs

W is for wigs

X is for XBOX (that was the hardest letter to find!)

Y is for yogurt

Z is for zipper

(The only bummer of the day was when the Subway at the mall food court informed us after we had completed our order that they did not participate in the JanuANY foot long for $5.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I have to listen to those obnoxious $5 foot long ads on every commercial break, and your location doesn't participate!?!?  I drove past four participating Subway locations to get to yours!  Beware, shoppers.  Beware the food court Subway and their non-participating ways. They are on my list.)

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