Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The House of Lights

Since the kids and I were in Indiana for Thanksgiving, we got to see the 1st night of this year's light show that my sister Kelly and her husband Jeremy display on their house.  This has become an annual event and this year, they added a fountain to the front of their house so of course that had to be lit up as well.  

Please excuse the car noises in the videos. They live on a very busy street.


One day, AJ will do this to our house because the boy loves Christmas lights.  Last night he strung lights all up and down our hallway.  He was then watching me put ornaments on the tree and I asked him if he was going to help me.  He say, "nah...I'm the lights guy." Earlier in the evening he told me the first thing he was going to buy when he got to the NBA was a car. Then he quickly said, "wait, I'll have to get body guards first." I said, "because you will be so popular." He said, "yep" with a huge grin on his face.  That kid just cracks me up sometimes. 

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