Friday, December 6, 2013

Indiana visit

The kids and I spent much of last week at my parent's house in Indiana.  Essie thought it was so cold, she needed to wear four  hats.

The girls got new coats as Christmas presents from Meemaw and Grandpa and got to open then early because they desperately needed them.  AJ got new boats boots (easy mistake since he's now wearing a size 10 shoe).

Even my sister Kelly's alpaca needed a coat.  That's how cold it was!

My Dad was pig-sitting for a neighbor.  Oh my gosh-not much cuter than baby pigs!

Except of course for this guy-my nephew Caleb

All the grandkids love their Grandpa!

Shelby helping Grandpa cook breakfast after her first sleepover with the cousins.  She started out sleeping in between the twins in the big bed upstairs but had to be moved to her own bed because she was so excited, she couldn't sleep and therefore was keeping everyone else awake too.

Essie and Shelby coloring.  This is Shelby's "smile" face.

For those of you that don't know, Shelby was adopted by my sister Jen and her husband Scott 2 1/2 years ago.  She came home at 2 years old but was developmentally registering at 9-12 months. Though she is still not forming words, she does use sign language and has begun making basic word sounds.  Every time I see her, I'm impressed with new milestones.  Spending the night with me and the cousins, sleeping through the whole night, and allowing me to rock her when she woke up--all HUGE successes for this girl.  She can be challenging at times, but much more on-track developmentally every time I see her.  Just wish I got to see her more often!

I eventually wandered outside to see the latest menagerie that my sister Kelly keeps next door to my parents.  This would just be a sampling of all that she has.
Donkeys & goats begging for a treat

Patagonian Cavies

AJ didn't seem as excited to pet the donkeys as they were about being petted.

The girls meanwhile wanted to show me how fast you can go down a slide with your snowsuit on.



On Saturday, the temps finally came above freezing so we ventured outside to help Grandpa decorate the house for Christmas.  My Dad was so nervous about letting AJ put the lights on the house, but the titanium hardware now in his lower back convinced him to at least let the kid try.

AJ was more than eager to help and I kept reminding my Dad that the kid climbs trees high than this in the field behind our house (and usually barefooted at that!).

All done & he didn't slip once

Eventually though, the fun had to come to an end and life back home called us back to Kentucky.  Poor Caleb was wiped out after having so much fun with Aunt Amy and the cousins!

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