Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A friend gave Matt & I tickets to see our beloved Wildcats last week. It was fun to watch all the new freshman and see our local boy, Jarrod Polson, get some playing time as well. Jarrod's sister and mother work at the summer daycamp our kids attend and Jarrod stopped by one day last summer and played some b-ball with the kids. Its funny that when we see Jarrod on TV, our kids often say, "There's Miss Ashley's brother!"  Pretty sure we are the only house in Kentucky where Jarrod's sister is more famous than Jarrod.

Our seats were good, considering every other time we've gone, we've been in line with the rafters.

Selfie during halftime so the lighting was all wrong

Andrew Harrison with the ball

Jarrod has the ball.

Had to take a video of the cheerleaders for our girls.  They just started taking gymnastic lessons and are constantly doing cartwheels and flips.

The UK cheerleaders are ranked #1 as well.

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