Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweet Potato Harvest 2013

Please disregard my foolish last blog post title.  "Last Garden Update"-what was I thinking.  As soon as I hit "publish", I realized I hadn't harvested the sweet potatoes or white potatoes. We also are still getting okra & watermelons. 
Whenever I let the hens out, I always have a visitor or two to distract me from my work.

Everything in the picture, minus the hamburger from my Dad & the bun and guacamole from the store, was grown in our garden.  Matt asked me when we would be moving further south so we can start growing our own avacadoes.  I told him when we retire to Jamaica (yea, right!).  

Farmer Essie helping me clean up some hay that the hens gleefully gotten into.  Don't ask me why she has a shovel, but I couldn't resist snapping a picture of her, in my boots!

I wanted to open the entire garden to the ducks and hens so that meant harvesting the sweet potatoes.  The weather has been GORGEOUS here lately (though we badly need rain) so I took the opportunity to start digging.

Potatoes as big as your hand


First plant pulled

The new chickens are fitting right in and getting busy, just what I wanted!

Bug patrol

By the end of the night, half the neighborhood kids were in the garden, helping harvest.  One perk of urban farming is having a living laboratory to teach the next generation about where their food comes from.

All this (plus a few that fell off) from another plant

In the end, we harvested 2 bushels of sweet potatoes from the 9 plants we planted.

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