Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Essie & Chloe!

Today is Essie and Chloe's 8th birthday.  We celebrated on Sunday so the grandparents could join us on the long weekend.

The girls wanted a minion cake (from the movie Despicable Me) this is what Dad came up with.

Eight candles for the birthday girls

It's hard to blow out candles when you're busy giggling.

Party plates!

The girls wanted the eyes for their pieces of cake.

Leave it to Grandma Melanie to turn black garbage bags into cute birthday present wrapping.

When the girls used to do "quiet time" in the afternoons, there was a backrest in Essie's bed that she would lay against and read books.  One day Dad commandeered the backrest for his own use, and Essie had never forgiven him for it.  So we suggested Matt's parents buy one for each of them for their birthday.

So soft!

Art supplies from Amy's mom and dad

Who are those mischievous-looking minions?

Birthday girls!

We were so glad that Matt's dad felt good enough to spend the day with us to celebrate the girls' birthday.

Meemaw and Grandpa down from Indiana

Chloe takes her loot and makes the long walk home from Grandma's house next door.

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Cynthia said...

Holy Moly! They look SO grown up! Ugh!

Precious girls!