Friday, August 9, 2013

What A Week

The garden is in full swing thanks to 80+ degree days and frequent thunderstorms.  I have been canning my little tail off (much to the chagrin of my kids who have to help me). A FB friend asked the other day how big my garden is and its about 20 x 60 ft.  Its totally enclosed by a fence and I grew the tomatoes and cucumbers up the fence to save on space this year. I'll try to take a video of it soon to give you a better idea.  I tried the other day but my phone blitzed out.
This is pretty much what I'm picking every day.  Two ice cream pails of tomatoes and 6-8 cucumbers.  I will be so disappointed if I don't get cucumbers like this next year because they are my favorite vegetable!

Love it when you grow the perfect tomato! This variety is known as Mountain Pride and I've really enjoyed growing them this year.  Nice, round fruit.  I don't have as many Romas as I would have liked because of the frost that got most of my plants, but a friend gave me a bunch of his leftover seedlings of Early Girl, Beefsteak and some that lost their label so not exactly sure what else.

Grandma joined us for a bean snapping party last Saturday.

Finished beans

Our neighbor grew this giant cabbage. Why???  I'm not sure because they just let it rot, but my ducks surely enjoyed it.

We also processed the 2nd five gallon bucket of pears that we picked at my parents' house.
The top jars are pearsauce.

Finally...Amy's Backyard Eggs went official today.  I've been selling my duck eggs through a friend at the local farmer's market for the last few weeks.  They are increasing in popularity and my friend suggested I start labeling them so people know exactly where they come from.  Matt and I thought about calling them Amy's Backyard Chicken & Duck Eggs just so we could call it ABCDE for short but kept it simple in the end. Oh! If I just had more land, think of all the eggs...oh well, I'm super stoked with having enough to sell so I'll just have to keep dreaming for now. 

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