Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Hens

I spent the last 5 days at my parents' farm and came home with some new friends.  We lost one of our hens last week and egg production has been a bit down lately (heat stress?) but demand continues to rise for my eggs so it was time to add to the flock.  My Dad had 2 NJ Giant hens that he didn't need so we packed them in the back of the minivan and drove them 6 1/2 hours south to their new home. 

They have flecks of green in their feathers in the light.

Remind me not to go away in the midst of the growing season again!  The cucumbers went CRAZY while we were gone.

Still getting plump blackberries!

And finally got some zucchinis!

Working in the garden last night, I tossed some bad tomatoes in the compost area and was shocked when one of the ducks busted through the cluster of chickens to steal the tomato.  Who knew they loved tomatoes?!?!

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