Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break with Cousins-part 2

We spent Friday and Saturday morning enjoying the hotel's pool with the cousins.  The hot tub was broken, much to the disappointment of the ladies in our group, but we did brave the pool for a few minutes to pacify our kids. 
Hunter & Essie


Shelby is still a little fish

Caleb getting ready for his first swim.
His shirt says "Mommy's Little Firecracker"

He wasn't so sure about this wet stuff

Shelby "loving" on Caleb

See, I did get in!

My sister Jen learning the fun of an iPhone

After a swim, Caleb hit the hay

And then woke up to eat, but couldn't finish lunch

I had to take a picture of my sweet Essie (sorry the back lighting is so bad)
She cleaned off one of the kids' lunch tables without being asked.
Such a good helper!

AJ & Caleb at breakfast Saturday

One big "Cousin Jump" into the pool

Caleb lounging by the pool

 Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen a happier baby

Eating lunch on Saturday before we all headed our separate ways.
Caleb was seriously considering Meemaw's sub & chips.

As you can tell, I great time was had by all.  Pretty sure we will be doing this more when the kids' school breaks line up. 

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