Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Planting Time

It's a bit early, but the tomatoes we planted inside in January were taking over our house so the girls and I planted them in the garden last week.  We've had to cover them already once but they were dying in the pots so we had to get them out.
Ready for planting

Some egg shells from our lovely hens go in the hole first to help combat blossom rot

as my lovely assistant Chloe demonstrates

getting ready to put a plant in

Essie's turn

A little H2O

Essie kept finding worms to feed to the chickens

 Down the row we go

All tucked in

The ladies have now been sequestered to the A-frame, much to their chagrin, in order to keep them out of the garden.
At least one of the ladies had fun in the grass

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