Monday, June 25, 2012

10th Anniversary Adventure: Day One

Matt told me to block off a few days on my calendar so that we could get away and celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Our honeymoon was pretty much a disaster so for the last 10 years, I've been telling him he owes me a 2nd one. I read Maid to Match a year ago and ever since, I've been telling him that all I wanted to do was go see the Biltmore.  We then got hooked on Downton Abbey, which fueled the fire even more.  Matt didn't tell me until the day before we left that we were going to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC!

On our way out of town last Tuesday, Matt said, "Hey let's stop by Estes Chapel (where we were married on June 29th, 2002) so we can feel like we are leaving, just like we did after our wedding."  Me, being a dope, said, "ok."  Had no idea he had contacted the pastor who married us and planned to have us renew our vows. He even arranged for our friend, Cydil Waggoner, to come photograph the occasion and for his Mom to pick up the kids from camp to be there.  

Not sure what Essie thought she'd see, but she hid with Grandma through the whole service.

Stu had the kids come up and he prayed over our whole family.

We stood here 10 years ago, having no idea the journey our family would take to be brought together.

One last group hug before Matt & I took off for a few days.

We made it to N.C.!

The 2nd biggest surprise of the day-a jacuzzi in our hotel room.  This was another make-up from our honeymoon. In our "semi-private" cabin (which sat so close to the road we could not even park our car between it and the road) that we stayed at for our honeymoon, there was a jacuzzi, which I was so excited about, until we turned it on and realized it leaked all over the carpeted floor, which was why the entire cabin smelled like mold.  I put this one to good use and decided that 1 1/2 hrs reading in the jacuzzi is way better than sitting on the sun glaring off the Kindle and no sand.  Just time to relax in the tub and read without any little one banging on the door and asking me when I would be done. 


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Aw, Matt outdid himself and you didn't tell me this on the phone! It made me tear up!