Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Steven Curtis Chapman Concert

Tonight we had the privilege of volunteering at the Steven Curtis Chapman concert at the Show Hope table. We didn't know until we got there that our good friends the Bellews were there too.  It worked out perfectly as all our kids got to hang out with some friends and enjoy some good music. 

Chloe, Margaret, Essie, Courage

The girls listening intently as the Show Hope volunteer coordinator explains our role for the night.

Nathan & AJ

The Maas Family (minus a few)

AJ hanging with baby Tessa

This series of photos is the girls rocking out to the pre-recorded music BEFORE the concert started.  I was so bummed I couldn't get pics of the girls rocking out during the concert but the house lights were down and well, visible pics of my kids were not possible

Andrew Peterson

The Maas family got called up on stage since Gabriel is one of the poster kids for Show Hope.  When his mom told him he was going on stage Gabriel (age 5) said, "But Mom, I can't dance!"  Luckily for Gabriel, SCC just wanted to talk with him.


Rebecca said...

Amy, can you email me a picture of us up on stage? I don't know that anyone else took a picture of us.

Leveta said...

Beautiful children! Glad they had such a good time.