Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wilmore Adoption Support Group Picnic

We ended Day 1 of Summer 2011 by having a picnic with other families from the area who have adopted children. We started this group back in 2007 and I cannot express how the friendships have carried us all through our adoption journeys' highs and lows. Last night we had 13 families with children from Ethiopia, China, Taiwan, Albania, Tanzania and Liberia. It is amazing to me how many lives God has redeemed just in our little town of Wilmore (population 5,000). We were all having so much fun that we didn't realize what time it was. We didn't get everyone in bed until almost 10pm so Day 2 of Summer 2011 got off to a groggy start.

Sorry I didn't get more/better pics but there was too much fellowshipping to do!

Had to get a video of this. Mickey got this ride-on toy going really fast down the hill and I just envisioned him taking out some kid at the bottom and all of us spending the night in the ER. But he proved me wrong and never ran into anything. Here he is taking Chloe for a spin.

**Update: Cydil posted some great pics on her blog, if you want to see more of the fun-http://waggoner.blogspot.com/2011/06/first-day-of-summer.html


Colton's Journey said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Rachel Marie said...

what a blessing to have that kind of support!