Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer 2011

Today we began our summer schedule so of course I made the poor kids pose for yet another photo. The boys are attending day camp and the girls have VBS at a local church this week in the mornings. Change is always hard for kids from hard places and we've had our share of fears since school ended. This morning actually went pretty well, which we are grateful for! Tonight we are having a cook-out with our adoption support group in town and everyone is excited about that! We also started a new chore chart, which has gone pretty well so far also. Last night in church, the pastor said something about chores and Essie looked at me and said, "just like us, we have chores!" Love it when they make connections like this. Of course 2 minutes later, the pastor read in Genesis where it says "Abram was 99 years old" and Chloe yells out, "99! WOW!" That got a few snickers from those sitting around us.

Excuse the sticker on AJ's hair. I have no idea why he did that, but with most of our kids' explained behavior, we don't ask why, we just go on with the day.

AJ entertaining us for a few minutes this morning. Matt & I call this toy the ankle breaker, but AJ has mastered the thing.

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