Monday, April 11, 2011

The Woodpile

Grandpa needed some wood moved and since he's had shoulder surgery, he's not supposed to be doing that sort of thing. Since Mickey learned to drive the tractor and little wagon, we decided it was the perfect job for all the kids to work on last week while we were at Grandpa and Meemaw's house. My dad thought it would be great if the kids could get some of it moved, but they decided to surprise him while he was away from home on Friday and moved the entire pile (see pic below). Mickey motivated all the kids to help by giving them rides in the empty wagon back to the original pile. I was very proud of all my kids as it took them a good 3 hours to finish the job. AJ even helped out, even after he skinned his right hand by fooling around with the tractor tire (even though mommy told him repeatedly not to do that. Lesson learned, needless to say).

Best buds-Chloe and cousin Hunter

Pretty sure this wagon wasn't meant for such a load, but it did remind me of the wagons we saw in Ethiopia piled high with all sorts of things.

My Grandpa Neild always worked with his tongue out (sign of concentration). Glad AJ inherited this trait.

AJ wanted me to take a picture of Grandpa's cows, included the new baby, which you can hardly see standing in front of the black cow on the left.

The finished pile of wood.

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