Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Indiana Critters

One of the most fun parts of a trip to Indiana is seeing all of Aunt Kelly's critters. My sister Kelly lives next door to my parents and works as a vet tech. Therefore, she has a lot of critters. On Friday, Kelly, Essie & I bundled up to go feed the critters. On the walk from my parents house to Kelly's backyard, I said, "when did you get baby bunnies?" To which Kelly responded, "I don't have baby bunnies." To which I responded, "um...yes you do." To which Kelly squealed and said, "Oh my goodness, 3 baby bunnies!!!" Apparently her adult bunnies had babies at least a month ago, but the babies only emerged from the unnoticed den that day. Adorable does not describe how cute these bunnies are. Of course Ababa said 'no' when I texted him a picture of what we found, so we took lots of pictures.



Essie feeding the donkey donks


feeding time

Mickey with baby guinea pig

Donovan going for a swim after the kids repeated threw his toys in the doggy pool

Oh my goodness! Can anything be any cuter?

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Richelle said...

The baby bunnies are cute...but the girls' toothless grins are even cuter!! :D