Monday, October 11, 2010

This week in hair

Essie sporting cornrows; Chloe has braids

Chloe's are a bit crooked because she had already slept on them 1 night when I took these pictures. I was really please with how both heads turned out though.

Glad I took these pictures yesterday because tonight we had our adoptive family support group and Essie came home with a head full of grass. This of course did not make mommy very happy, since I spent 2 hours doing her hair yesterday, but one of the other kids did put the grass in her hair so I couldn't fuss too much.


The Waggoners said...

oh dear. I hope that wasn't Ellie (who put grass in her hair)! I saw that and thought, "Amy's not going to be happy!"
As you were leaving Ellie kept talking about "Africa and Kentucky." Then she said, "I miss my Chloe!"

annieglan said...

What products do you use in their hair? And how do you prevent the frizz in between the sections?

Amy said...

I use Carol's Daughter products. You can find them on-line or at Sephora. I use Hair Milk to make the hair more manageable and then the Hair Smoothie at the base of ever row before I start to cornrow it to keep the frizz down.

Sarah Whitworth said...

How do you stand such cuteness!!