Friday, October 22, 2010

Big Blue Madness 2010

So I'm a little late getting these videos up, since Big Blue Madness was a week ago, but its just been that crazy around here. Plus its Friday so I know you are all just killing time at work so why not watch some videos of my cool kids. For those outside KY, Big Blue Madness is where they have a big party and introduce the UK basketball teams. Its a big deal around here and they televise it. The girls where thrilled to introduce their brothers to the annual tradition.

Essie is one of the funniest kids we know and she loves to dance (as you are all well aware of).

The boys finally got into the dancing too.

This video isn't the greatest, but I love the group hug at the end.

side note: Chloe's hair is crazy because I was in the process of taking her braids out


The Ritzmanns said...

Prepare for my 3pm Friday afternoon meeting or watch your kids dance in front of TV while being introdueced to this year's UK basketball? It was an easy decision. The kids have some pretty good moves.

Anonymous said...

Great pics of your beautiful children! So neat that the girls were able to share this fun tradition with their brothers.