Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our first tooth fairy visit

We had our first experience with the tooth fairy on Monday night and honestly, it was a little traumatic for the girls. Chloe lost one of her teeth on the bottom and we thought that explaining the tooth fairy would help. We even had a book ready to explain it, but the girls really were just concerned that someone was going to come into their bedroom at night while they were sleeping. (Somehow this wasn't a concern with Santa) The book showed the tooth fairy flying around with wings so Essie kept calling her the tooth angel, which caused more confusion. I think the real problem was Chloe felt like she was loosing part of her body and since Essie has a tooth in the exact same place that is also loose, Essie was very worried about the whole thing too. But we finally got them settled down for the night and everything was much better in the morning when Chloe found that the tooth fairy had left her "monies". Well, actually that was almost a disaster too because the money had fallen on the floor under her bed (even though the tooth fairy put them in an envelope) so Chloe came down to our bedroom all dejected and said, "she no leave anything". But Ababa came to the rescue by helping her look one more time and finding them on the floor.

Chloe showing off her hole

Much happier in the morning with her "monies"

By the way, we realize that the going rate for the tooth fairy is $1, but since we have 2 little girls in our house that seem to be losing teeth at the same time, the tooth fairy was afraid she'd go broke before all was said and done with 50 cents it is!

For those of you concerned that our girls are too young to be losing teeth, you are right, they are. But we've noticed that other kids from ET have also lost teeth earlier than expected as well. It could be genetic or it could be a lack of calcium in their diet, not sure. Either way, there's not much we can do about it so we aren't worried.

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