Saturday, January 23, 2010

"New" Princess Dresses

I found a box of princess dresses that Matt's boss had bequeathed to us from his girls before our girls came home. They are just the right size now and as you can see, the girls loved them!

Chloe as Sleeping Beauty and Essie as Cinderella

They wanted to take one with Caesar

This photo, including the hand placement, was totally their idea. I think we've created photography monsters. =)


Peter and Nancy said...

I just read your previous post -- congratulations on choosing to add to your family! We are in process for a second daughter from India (who will be our 4th child), and have had many of the same questions as you. And come to the same conclusion . . . our inability to have "extras" should not hinder us from giving a child the necessities. May God richly bless your decision!

Anonymous said...

I think Caesar should have an outfit for the next photo op- very cute tho...