Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"Train up a child in the way she should go..."

This picture brings tears to a proud father's eyes

Essie, Ababa, and Chloe in our do-rags


Brian and Autumn said...

Hi Amy,
I stumbled across your blog via Amy Bottomly and recognized your girls right away. My name is Autumn and I met your girls while in Ethiopia picking up my son and visiting my sister, Emily. We were there the first couple weeks of February and it was during our trip that Juju and Jurie came to the transition house. My husband LOVED your daughters. Feel free to send me an email at autumn underscore gossett at yahoo dot com as I have some photos of your girls from the first couple days after they arrived at the transition house.

Buffina said...


Anonymous said...

I too came across your blog from reading Amy Bottomly's and was thrilled to see a fellow Kentucky couple that had adopted from Ethiopia! My husband and I live in Mt Washington Ky (10 min from Louisville) and we have 4 children but plan to adopt from Ethiopia! Do you have a personal email? I would love to chat w/you sometime. Your girls are adorable! Also - my 14 year old wants to go to Asbury & play soccer (what a small world). Tammy