Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adoption Picnic

Today was a big picnic in Danville for the home study agency that Amy works for, Adoption Assistance, Inc. We spent the day playing with kids from all over the world, and mommy and daddy got quite a bit of sun.

Essie, Ababa, & Chloe model their adoption t-shirts

Chloe pets a goat

Chloe riding the miniature horse

Essie & Chloe on horseback

The bouncy house looks like lots of fun...

...but it was a little too chaotic in there.

Can you find Chloe in the Ethiopian flag?



Jeff and Leslie said...

It was great meeting you all today. Essie and Chloe are real cuties! What a fantastic day it turned out to be. I think I have a picture of Matt pushing two swings, LOL. I'll send it to Amy. Hope to see you all again soon.

Jeff, Leslie and Manu

kitzkazventure said...

We were chasing Nick around like crazy at the picnic but so sad that we didn't see you. I think I saw one of the girls at one point but then couldn't focus long enough to find you! ;)

The picnic was great!