Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Mountain Ingenuity

Amy is sometimes amazed at my ability to fix things or install stuff. I'm pretty sure it comes from my Appalachian heritage...when you grow up without money, you learn to make do. For example:




Tree Swing

Bass Boat

Camping Grill

Riding Lawn Mower


Root Cellar / Emergency Shelter

Flower Garden

Cruise Ship


Gil House said...

matt you made eric and me laugh out loud this evening with this post! a much needed and very fun study break!

kel said...

those are hilarious!- i saw signs when we went through kentucky about how smart the state was, now we see the evidence...

Will said...

To heck with Yankee ingenuity! This Appalachian engineering would do any Kentuckian proud. So when the next Red River cruise?