Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heading for the Hills

I needed to make a trip down to Eastern Kentucky to deliver some hymnals to some friends who have a church planting ministry, so I asked Prof. Lauter (who's always up for a trip to the hills) and our friend Michael (from Kenya) if they would like to come along. We had a great trip introducing Michael to the land of our youth...

Michael standing in front of Nada Tunnel in Red River Gorge

Michael and I Overlooking Swift Camp Creek Canyon

Devil's Canyon

Michael Checks Out the Icicles Along the Road

Wildwood Chapel was an old mission founded in the 1960's on the South Fork of the Red River by Duvon and Roberta Corbitt, former missionaries who taught at Asbury. We stopped by to take some pictures for the Asbury College Archives.

Wildwood Chapel

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