Friday, December 19, 2008

One week from today...

we will know if our adoption petition has been approved by the courts. Please pray with us that we will find favor with the judge and pass without further delay. There have been a few issues that have surfaced the last few weeks with the courts, but we found out that 2 other families who had been delayed, were approved by the courts on Wednesday. We are praising the Lord that 2 orphans have found their forever families. I also got to chat on-line last night with a lady who saw our girls in September. She said they were very scared but very cute. It was very encouraging to "talk" to someone else who has seen them.

Merry Christmas and we'll post an update as soon as we hear something.

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mummapatricia said...

Hoping for the best new ever for you!

We are just starting the Uganda Adoption process with pre selected older children I met there last spring. Were not having much luck finding an agency to help in Portland, Oregon. Any advice or suggestions?

We'll be watching for good news! Be blessed!