Saturday, January 12, 2008

We've Been Busy

Well, due to the concern of my sister Kel that something is very wrong with us because we haven't posted in 3 weeks, I've decided to post this update. We spent Christmas with Matt's grandparents in IL. (Caesar spent Christmas at home with his giant bone.) Some of Matt's extended family was there as well. In fact, it was my first time to meet Matt's cousin Nathan and his wife Anabel.

We were only back in KY 1 day when I flew to NY to be with my extended family for my Grandma Morris' 80th birthday. While I only got to see my out-of-town family for 1 day, it was still good to spend time with my Mom's family that still lives in NY. I also had my first experience with the Elmira, NY airport, which has to be the smallest airport I have ever been in (they only have 2 counters-Northwest & USAir). I flew home New Year's Day in the midst of a snow storm that stretched from Chicago to Maine. It was interesting, but I actually made it to Lexington only 30 minutes later then I was scheduled to arrive. The night before I left NY, I took Airborne at the urging of my Aunt Laurie. She insisted this would help keep me from getting whatever Matt's been fighting for 6 weeks and whatever the guy that sat behind me on the plane had. Well, it didn't and I woke up Thursday (the 3rd) morning to a fever and unable to get out of bed. Apparently I had some virus other then what Matt has been fighting because he came down with it Saturday. We both felt horrible all last weekend and are just now getting back to our normal perky selves. =) So the main reason we haven't updated is we've been feeling pretty crummy for over a week now. Plus Matt has been working a lot of hours as he balances his 3 jobs. He is enjoying his new job at the public library though.

No news on the adoption front as Guatemala celebrates Epiphany on January 6th and all the government office have been closed this week. Hopefully things will start moving again this week and we'll hear something soon. We aren't holding our breathe though. Since I didn't have any pictures related to the adoption, I thought I'd post one of my nephew Hunter playing on a tractor outside Great Grandpa Morris' house. It didn't matter to Hunter that it was only about 20 degrees outside that day. I've never seen a kid so obsessed with tractors.


Kel said...

thanks for an update, i was getting a little worried, hope you guys feel 100% back to normal soon!

Sharon O said...

Hi Amy & Matt,
I think I figured out how to leave comments on your blogsite.(It takes us "old" folks a little longer with this technical stuff :-) ) I sent my original message to your Mom,Amy to forward on your email.
Let's see if this goes through to you.
Sharon Ostrander