Monday, January 28, 2008

Two BIG Praises, One Huge Prayer Request

We heard from our friend Steve in Guatemala this weekend. He met with a new lawyer (a friend of our friend Suzanne, thanks, Suzanne!) who reviewed the kids' documents and let Steve know that he has all the legal custody needed to allow us to adopt them. The previous lawyer told us that the birth mother's rights were never terminated and that we would have to petition the courts to get that issue resolved (oh yeah, and pay her $10,000 in the process). Our concern was that if we did that, the birth mother would be brought back into the picture. We really did not want that to happen since the kids were removed from her because she had been abusing them. The frustrating thing is this means we could have filed the adoption papers for the kids 2 months ago and we would have been grandfathered into the new system. (oh well, can't do anything about that now.) The new lawyer will also be taking care of getting Carlos' birth certificate-free of charge! So those are two big praises!

The big prayer request is that Steve is hearing that under the new law, adoptive parents will not be allowed to preselect children for adoption. If this turns out to actually be the case, we will not be allowed to adopt the kids. I haven't found this idea published anywhere so we are praying that this is just hearsay and not really part of the new law. Please pray with us!

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