Saturday, June 2, 2007

More on Kenya

Okay, so you all know that I did more in Kenya than just look at animals, here are a few pictures of some of the things that we saw God doing in Kenya:

Holding baby Daniel at the AGC Baby Center in Nakuru

Our friend Staci Wells, who is the manager of the AGC Baby Center

Our team sings a song in chapel at Kenya Highlands Bible College in Kericho

Patients wait to be seen at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet

Playing with the children at Good Samaritan Childrens Home in the Mathare Slum of Nairobi

Our team with WGM East Africa Regional Directors Terry & Karen Duncan and our driver, Francis, in Nairobi on our last day


The Waggoners said...

Hey guys! Loved, loved, LOVED the article you shared with us tonight. I've contacted the magazine to get permission to link to it online or post it as a PDF from our blog. Thanks for passing it along!

Cait said...

Hi Matt and Amy,

I was a volunteer at Amani Baby Cottage last year and I was just wondering what child you are adopting and when your court date is. if they were there a year ago, I have a ton of pictures from when I was there.


Matt & Amy said...


We have just received our approval from CIS and Amani; they said as soon as a child becomes avaiable that matches what we applied for (male, age 18-36 mo.) they will send us a referral and start working on getting us a court date. Things are not moving very fast now apparently because a judge is delaying the families in process now.