Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Long-Awaited Release!

(Long awaited by whom?) Well, it's finally here anyway. After about six months of waiting, UPS delivered six boxes of CDs to our front porch today. It feels really good to finally have the finished product in hand. It is a pretty surreal thing to be holding my CD in my hands. I never thought I would feel this attached to a product (that seems so artsy), but it really does feel kind of like my child. I'm still very nervous about what people will think of it, but that's not what it's all about. My hope and highest prayer is that God uses this to speak to somebody.

So, now to the really tough part...selling enough to cover the production costs. We have determined that we need to sell the CDs for $10.00 each to cover our costs. So, if you want one, you can email me at for information on how to get one. We're very happy to mail copies to those of you we won't be seeing anytime soon...just add $2.50 shipping/handling (plus $1.00 for each multiple copy). You can view the YouTube promo/sampler for the album here.

The songlist is as follows: I Will Sing the Wondrous Story; I Want to Be Like Jesus/O to Be Like Thee; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Satisfied; Give Me a Holy Life; Just As I Am; Day by Day; The Master Has Come; Fill Me Now; It Is Well; Nearer, Still Nearer; Wesley Medley (This Is Thy Will I Know/And Can I Yet Delay/Jesus Lover of My Soul).


Buffina said...

YAY!! It's HERE!! (Long-awaited by me. And Grandma)

Anonymous said...

Great singer - great musicians - great songs - but that PRODUCER!!!! Wow!
Brother, seriously, my prayer is that God will use this 'product' to encourage, challenge and draw His people to be more like Christ. This is my 'one deep supreme desire'.
From 'guess who'.

Beth said...

Hi Matt,

I just returned from Wilmore because I had a class reunion. I have been looking around the Asbury Eagle's Nest to see what was out there. It's good to see the technology used for God's purposes. I did listen to your promo on your CD it sounds great!

Keep singing and I guess that is you playing too! Asbury Alum Beth 77