Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Good Day

I know I just posted yesterday, but we have had such a good day that I couldn't help but write. We received our approval today from the US Government (CIS) to bring a child from Uganda into the US. I also received an e-mail from our agency letting us know that the orphanage in Uganda has approved us as well, which means that as soon as a little boy age 18-36 months becomes available for adoption, we will receive our referral and know who our son is. We are not exactly sure how long this could take, but you know we will let everyone know as soon as we do. The only "downer" of the day is that the orphange said it will probably be a year before we are able to travel. This is mainly because the court system has slowed down so much lately. We are asking that everyone prays that the judges will start approving families at their first court date (they've been delaying families several months for no apparent reason lately) and that therefore the court system will start moving quicker. I guess that's it for now.

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Buffina said...

YAY!! That's so exciting!!!!!
I'll keep praying....
Love you guys :-)