Sunday, April 8, 2007

Recording Update

This week we were excited to get some sample tracks from Matt's album to approve. It seems like we are close to getting a finished product. The producer tells us he has a few more instrumental bits to add and some more balancing to do, then we will be done. He is targeting April 20 (about two weeks later than we had thought) for the studio portion to be done. After that, he sends us the master and we go to reproduction. (Picture is of Matt, our producer Steve, our drummer Sam, our bass guitarist Junior, and our acoustic guitarist Roy, working on instrumental arrangments in the studio.)

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Marti smith said...

Hi! Matt, nice to hear and be in touch with you. I met you once matt a long time ago in Delta, Colorado with your mom and dad and Bethany. (I think you were about 16). I am a distant cousin, Marti Smith.
(I used to live by Ron in Aspen and then in colorado). I think you and Amy are the age of my kids. My oldest son, Josh was 28 this past week. My sis and I listened to your music...very nice!!! we will be checking so we can get a record when it comes out. Am so very happy for you and your wife's plan to adopt. I would like to hear more about the process as i know another christian couple who are trying to adopt. My sister has adopted 5 children herself, so we really encourage adopting.
Also, Another cousin of yours is going to Africa this late summer. (Heidi and her husband, Lorenz.) I will tell her about your blog or have Ron send her mom, my other sister, your web address.
By the way, nice to meet you Amy!

We will be checking back to your blog soon.

God bless you both in your ministry!

Marti Smith and family