Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Micah Box

Now we are waiting. We’ve done all that we can do at this point, and now we wait. The most tangible evidence of our waiting right now is a little cardboard box that is sitting in our guest bedroom (soon to be known as Micah’s bedroom). You see, there have been some people who have already been passing stuff to us that they couldn’t resist getting, and we have taken advantage of a couple of good deals that we couldn’t pass up. So this small collection of toys, books, and clothes has found its way into the “Micah box”. We often find ourselves roaming into the toy section at Wal-Mart to look at all the cool stuff that we - I mean, Micah - will get to play with someday. But for now we are exercising purchase restraint and trying to be patient as we wait until they tell us we can go to Uganda and bring our son home. And for those things we just can’t resist, there’s always the Micah box.

1 comment:

Buffina said...

Cool! I have a Micah Box, too!!
:) I can't wait until he gets here!