Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Matt's Album

Many of you have been asking for updates about my recording project. As an update for those who don't know about the project, a pastor friend of ours in Northern Ireland invited me to come over and record an album of me singing. He offered to produce the album and provide all musicians for free, so all we would have to pay for is the studio time. So, Amy & I spent January 2nd-12th in Northern Ireland working on the album.

Now for the new info....the album is hymns, and we are calling it "One Supreme Desire". The songs we recorded are, in no particular order: I Will Sing the Wondrous Story; Just As I Am; Day by Day (duet with Amy); Give Me a Holy Life; I Want to Be Like Jesus/O to Be Like Thee; I'd Rather Have Jesus; Satisfied; The Master Has Come; Wesley Medley (This Is Thy Will, I Know/And Can I Yet Delay/Jesus, Lover of My Soul); It Is Well; Fill Me Now; Nearer, Still Nearer.

We got all of my part recorded while we were over there, and the album is now in the "add-on" phase, where they add little instrumental parts to fill the tracks out. Then it will be on to the final mixing and mastering, and we hope to have a finished master by the end of March. At that point we will have to have the album reproduced for distribution here in the States.

If we had known that we would be starting an adoption when we committed to this project, it may not have happened. This is not a money-making venture; it is a ministry project. (We hope we break even!) We hope that God will use the album to encourage believers and challenge them to live the abundant life that God desires for all of us. It will also be good to have something to offer people when I am out doing song evangelism in campmeetings and revivals. Above all, we pray God is glorified and lifted up in the finished product.


Eric said...

Can't wait to hear it! Sounds like it should be wonderful.

AaronG said...

Yeah, it does sound really cool. Only, how if you're not in Ireland doing hymns do you not record O Danny Boy in a Irish accent? I mean, didn't you even record it for fun?

Matt & Amy said...

Funny you should say that, Aaron...I did record "I Cannot Tell", which is to the tune of "O Danny Boy"...however, it did not turn out quite like we wanted it to, so we left it off. You should hear a good Irish whistle on a couple of tunes, though.