Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let's Get...Physicals

Adoption brings all kinds of things to light. In addition to criminal background checks and FBI fingerprinting, you also have to have a medical physical, complete with blood tests. Matt's physical revealed that he has gained about 50 pounds since college. Amy's blood tests returned some abnormal thyroid levels.

After some additional tests that included taking a nuclear pill and laying completely still for 45 minutes for a thyroid scan, it was determined that Amy had a nodule on her thyroid and Matt still weighed 50 pounds more than he did in college. There are two treatment options: removing the thyroid or treating it with a slightly higher radioactive iodine dose. (Matt's options are eating less and excercising more.) We chose the radiation pill treatment, which has the least chance of long-term effects.

Here's the interesting thing about the treatment option we chose...Amy will be seeping radioactivity for about a week, which means she must "stay at least six feet away from adults over 45 and at leat ten feet away from children and pregnant women" for a week. She may "ride home with an adult driver", but she should "sit as far from other people in the vehicle as possible". She also must "sleep alone for seven days" with "no kissing or intimate contact during this period".

Matt is secretly hoping that this particular form of therapy will result in some sort of super powers. We may try arranging spider and bat bites, which have a certain level of prior reputation for results. At any rate, please keep Amy in your prayers for personal strength and that the treatment would be successful.


Anonymous said...

Amy I will sooooo keep you in my prayers during Spring Break, and you too Matt! I also hope that both of your treatments work, and then Matt will loose his weight and Amy will gain super powers! Wow – that will all result in some fun working experiences!

Anonymous said...

will your radioactivity affect ceaser? kel

Stephanie said...

Amy, sorry about the thyroid thing but thankfully it sounds like a relatively easy fix. About Matt's physical "condition" though, I want to say that several of those babies at the Amani cottage bear a striking resemblance to Matt if you know what I mean :) hehe