Wednesday, April 20, 2016

AJ's First Track Invitational

AJ's first big track invitational was last week. His relay team came in 1st in the 4x800m relay with a new school record. AJ's only solo race is the 400m.  He came in 2nd (to the defending state champ and set a new school record for West Jessamine Middle School.  He had an even lower time on his leg of the 4x400m relay. This is the last race of every track meet and with this invitational hosting 21 school, the race was run at 10:30pm (craziness!)  I cannot imagine running any where at 10:30pm but of course it didn't slow our boy down.

400m dash

The girls had their 1st soccer game last night and they won with Essie scoring 2 goals and having 1 assist.  Chloe played defense the entire game and had some awesome stops.

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