Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Little Father-Son Trip

When I saw that the US Men's National Soccer Team was playing Guatemala in a Gold Cup tune-up match on July 3rd in Nashville, I decided to see if I could get tickets for AJ and me to see the game.  Nashville is about 3.5 hours from us, so it wasn't too bad of a trip to make in a day, and the USMNT doesn't play any closer to our Old Kentucky Home than that.

We were a bit concerned by the weather forecast - flash flooding, damaging winds, and hail - and expected to get soaked, but the storms ended up going south of Nashville, and we enjoyed great weather almost all day.

Since we were in town, we went a little early to see some sights.  Here we are at the Nashville Parthenon.

The Nashville Parthenon is a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, that was built for Tennessee's centennial celebration in 1897, since Nashville was apparently called the "Athens of the South"

The Parthenon was originally a temporary structure built for the centennial celebration, but the people liked it so much it was made into a permanent structure in the 1920's.

A close-up of some of the sculpting along the roof



There is not a whole lot that AJ and I have in common, but one thing is our love for the Man in Black  AJ listens to Johnny Cash constantly and sings along at the top of his lungs while mowing the lawn.  So of course we had to check out the Johnny Cash Museum.

AJ explores the wall of Johnny Cash's singles.

This is what $25 will get you if you get on it soon enough - great seats in the 12th row.  We were pretty amazed at how good they were.

Teams warming up as the stadium begins to fill

National Anthems

Game action

Guatemala scored an own goal to put the US ahead - the only goal on our end of the field.

Clint Dempsey scores on a penalty kick in the 2nd period

A 4-0 win for the US!

The team comes around to thank the fans for their support.

In the end it rained most of the way down and most of the way back, but stayed nice for us while we were there.  A very fun trip and some quality father-son time.

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