Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Today was OOVOTO Day at the kids' school.  OOVOTO stands for Our Own Version Of The Olympics. 
The day opens with an Opening Ceromony with a parade of nations (just like the real Olympics).  Our kids get to represent Ethiopia every year.  This is AJ's last year at Wilmore Elementary and the girls are already talking about how they will get to carry the flag next year.

OOVOTO is not just about regular track & field events but also has fun events fitting every child's skill level and interest. 

Essie wins the long distance race! 

Chloe made up great time after the relay runner in front of her fell.

Chloe competing in the basketball shoot

Essie took 3rd in the basketball shoot

Essie took 2nd in the jump rope competition

Essie had a disappointing finish in the Buddy Walk, but it's a great example of some of the non-traditional events at OOVOTO.

A new even this year was the Kush Toss

AJ's favorite event-the distance race

He also took 1st in the basketball shoot

and in the hurtles

and in the jump rope competition

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