Friday, February 27, 2015

Culture Night

The kids school hosted a Culture Night last evening.  Our elementary school has over 80 different cultures represented and they ask anyone who was interested to come set up a table to share about their culture. Essie decided she wanted to participate and asked me to help her.  We decided to make some Ethiopian dishes so share with the crowd.  They were a big hit!

Essie cooking up some onions for Mesir Wot, a dish made with onions, lentils and lots of spices.

Cutting up some injera to share. (No, I did not make this as it is very difficult to make correctly.)
Ethiopians do not use utensils to eat but break off pieces of injera and use it to scoop up the food.

 All ready at our booth

Dad was a big help all night!

Our friend Sarah shared about her daughters' birth country - Liberia

All in all the night was a great success, capped off by a local Irish dance troupe.  The kids had fun, and I have loads of Ethiopian food left over, which also makes them VERY happy.

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