Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas With The Kinnells

We had a Christmas/New Year's celebration with Matt's parents and sister tonight.

Classic Chloe-I love it!

Guess who got this present?  

Aunt Buffy made this amazing blanket for AJ.  She almost got it done, just has to finish piecing it together. 

Matt found this pendent for his Mom, who was just given a Pandora bracelet for her 10 years of services at Asbury University.  It's the Ethiopian flag inside a heart. 

AJ wanted a study pillow like the girls have.


The girls love to listen to Adventures in Odyssey


The whole family pooled their resources for Grandpa's gift.  A new LED TV for his bedroom.

You know your family loves you when they give you your Xmas present in this festive gift bag.

Ale-8 shirt for Matt

Craft projects from Aunt Buffy

Aunt Buffy knows how to get to this boy's heart-NIKE gear!

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