Saturday, September 6, 2014

Girls 9th Birthday

We finally had the girls' birthday party tonight. Meemaw & Grandpa Neild came down from IN yesterday but Dad had to work late.  So after AJ's first soccer game of the season and the girls' soccer practice, we enjoyed dinner with the whole Kinnell clan and another awesome cake made by Dad.

The girls are really into Garfield.  They love to read Garfield comic books from the library.

All those candles make quite a stink!

So excited to open presents!

Legos & Easy Bake Oven from Aunt Buffy

Outfits from Grandpa & Meemaw

New UK shirts!

New soccer balls & bags from Grandma & Grandpa Kinnell

New CD player with adapter to play their MP3 from Mom & Dad.  The girls really love listening to music and stories on CD.  It is one of their favorite things.

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