Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break Hiking Trip: Part Two

We were just about wiped out after our 8-mile hike on Monday, but the kids had a little energy left for about a half day more exploring, so off we went to one of our favorite out-of-the-way state parks, Kingdom Come.

Chloe ready for another day in nature

Kingdom Come State Park gets its name from a book by Kentucky author John Fox, Jr., called The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, which was an early-20th century novel about a boy from this area during the Civil War era.

Our picnic spot had this nice big rock to climb, which was good practice for our hike later on. 

Can you see AJ's blue shirt at the top?

Kids pose from one of the many spectacular overlooks along the Little Shepherd Trail that runs along the top of Pine Mountain

Getting ready to head down the Possom Trail to Raven Rock.  (Mom drove down to meet us at the bottom.)

Climbing up on Raven Rock

Essie gets comfortable in her stone throne

Chloe finds a rock seat of her own

The view from atop Raven Rock

A panoramic shot from the top of Raven Rock

Chloe makes her way down the rock face

A panoramic view from the Bullock Overlook

One last picture of Mom and Dad, then back home - tired and sore

On our way home, we decided to stop and eat at a restaurant in Lexington.  It was a very nice dinner, and we were all very hungry.  Then our waiter got into a fight with the owner back in the kitchen.  The argument spilled out into the restaurant, and our waiter was asked to leave.  He did not leave graciously.  So...the rather embarrassed owner gave us our meal for free!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just caught up on your last two post. Beautiful pictures, what a hike for all. I love hiking, I hope you get a beach trip sometime your kids would love it if they've never been. I love the Ocean.

God bless your weekend

in Oregon