Friday, March 29, 2013

Bristle Blocks

I was at a client's house a couple of weeks ago and noticed their kids were playing with these blocks that I remember playing with when I was a child, but they were way cooler than the set I had (especially since half of mine had been chewed on by our dog).  I couldn't even remember the name of the blocks but I asked my clients and of course found them on Amazon (love that website).  These are so great for sensory play.  It's amazing to me how many toys from days gone by were really good for kids with sensory issues.

 I bought a box and put the blocks in a bucket and just left them in the living room.  It didn't take long for my kids to find them and dig the box out of the recycle bin to see what in the world you do with these things.

Love this picture-Chloe's ship is attacking Essie's ship

Essie & her robot

AJ & his spaceship

No idea what this is but its cool

You'll notice from all the different outfits that my kids have played with these for days.  Love it!

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