Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Digs for the Ducklings

Yesterday, we had a jail break with the ducklings so I decided enough is enough.  The ducks needed some new digs (outside of our house).  Everyone warned me that ducks are messy and indeed, they are. 


My sweet hubby took the morning, drew up some plans for a duck house and started building.

Of course the ladies had to check it out.

Materials cost us about $50 for this basic plywood building that measures 3' x 4'.
We were able to re-use this pallet for the roof and the base of the house is also recycled.

I also found this leftover siding from our shed upgrade and it was already cut to be the perfect length to cover the roof.  Took me about 20 minutes to nail it all down this afternoon.  We still need to paint, but I moved the ducks in this afternoon, complete with heat light, since it is way too cold for baby ducks outside. 

The ducklings checking out their new digs

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