Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye to the Waggoners

Wilmore is a transitional town.  Since we have a university and a seminary, many friends are here for a few years and then move on.  Today, our dear friends the Waggoners moved to Illinois in preparation for their final destination of Albania.  They will be raising fund for the next year in order to move to Albania as missionaries.  The really neat part of their story is that their 2 children are adopted from Albania, which gives them a unique "foot in the door" to the Albanian people.  If you've followed our blog for a while, you are familiar with Nathan, Cydil, Ellie & Reni.  Ellie is one of the girls best friends and Reni was born with no legs and I've posted a while ago the video of Reni trying on his "new legs" for the first time.  Cydil also takes our family photos every year (not an easy task to undertake, trust me.)  The Waggoners have become close friends and walked with us through some very difficult times.  I'm tearing up right now just realizing that they aren't just down the street anymore and soon will be half way around the world.  We already have plans to Skype them into some of our adoption support group meetings because we all can't bare the thought of them not being here.

Anyways, I wanted to link their blog as Cydil posted about their last visit to our house.  She was sweet enough to help me chop tomatoes last week and their kids loved hanging out with our hens.

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