Monday, February 14, 2011

A Special Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day really started out last night when we received a letter from Mickey (wrapped with duck tape and thrown down the stairs towards our bedroom). He wrote a message on the front and back of the letter expressing how he was happy that we were his parents and that we are nice and help him with his school work. This is a huge step for him and something I will treasure always. We had a few rough days last week with Mickey as he continues to struggle with his role as our son. All behavior is typical for older adopted children, but man, does it wear a parent (or 2 parents) down. Even after 6 months of being in our family, Mickey continues to battle fears that we don't love him and that everyone thinks he is a bad boy. We as parents continue to learn the importance of expressing our love 24/7 in ways the Mickey understands. This is the hardest part of adopting older kids is you have to learn how to parent/love a stranger who has been living quite well (in their mind) on their own without anyone parenting them. Such a Biblical portrait here that I don't have time to get into.

I started today with a lovely present from my hubby. He got my pearl ring fixed (again). My parents gave me this ring for my 16th birthday and I've broken the pearl in it twice (too much gardening and whacking it on file cabinets).

p.s. it is very hard to photograph your own hand. I took about 25 pics that made me laugh, but were not blog worthy. This is the best shot I got and it still makes my hand look extremely large.

We made up little treat bags for the kids. Not sure why b/c they each brought home sacks of candy from school, but it was a simple way to express our love and each child was excited to find their's after school. Glad I figured out the "fold a paper in half" trick to make a heart when I was a kid.

Today also marked the boys' 6 month homecoming. To celebrate, we took the kids to their favorite restaurant...the McDonald house (as AJ calls it). I know, I know, not the most romantic Valentine's restaurant, but celebrating with our kids was more important this year than going out to some fancy restaurant.
Hard to beat that smile!

AJ being goofy

The girls being goofy

I missed getting a picture of Mickey at McDon*ld's before he had to leave for soccer practice so here is a late night shot of us playing Connect 4, the gift we got for the boys to celebrate 6 months as a family.


The Waggoners said...

1.) You could have photographed the ring on the table (not on your finger), but I prefer to think you were so happy with your gift that you didn't want to part with it, even for a photo
2.) Had you gone to a fancy restaurant, I doubt you could have sprung for dessert. And who doesn't LOVE McDonalds ice cream cones?
3.) I love that your gift for the boys was "Connect 4". Sounds kind of symbolic to me.

I can't believe it's been SIX months! We're so glad you're here, Mickey and AJ!

Amy said...

Cydil-I tried to photograph the ring on the table and it was always blurry. Probably b/c I just have a point and shoot camera. I should have called you!
You are so right about McDonald's ice cream!

Becca said...

Looks like a really special Valentine's Day! I agree, it doesn't matter about what you do on Valentine's Day, but who you do it with. (We got Moe's for supper "to go", and ate it at home with the boys by candlelight.) :)

MaryKay said...

This is the hardest part of adopting older kids is you have to learn how to parent/love a stranger who has been living quite well (in their mind) on their own without anyone parenting them.

Perfect explanation! It is so hard for them to accept and understand parents and the love they give.

Kjernalds in Sweden said...


thanks for sharing that about Mickey I love to hear about the little victories that come about through the love and time you have given. Praise Jesus for those "earnests".


Anonymous said...

I feel you pain with trying to take a photo of your own hand! I think in a few years you may have a blog post about your sons,,,, just like this one about my son!!! LOL!