Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Student of the Month

Mickey was recently awarded Student of the Month at Wilmore Elementary School for the month of November. Mickey loves school and caught up with his 4th grade subject matter in about 6 weeks. Not bad for a kid who only had 3 years of schooling in Ethiopia, which according to him, is not nearly has broad in subject matter as the US system. Mickey has 2 amazing teachers who are very creative in their teaching style and meet students where they are. We are so grateful form Ms. Whyte and Mr. Tate (pictured below giving Mickey his award). Mickey received a certificate and a water bottle (which is perfect since he has an issue with sharing cups with others). Mom and Dad are very proud of Mickey for all his hard work!

Amsalu also got a 100% on his spelling test last week, which also made Mom and Dad very proud. Amsalu received minimal schooling in Ethiopia and never learned to read or write in Amharic so school has been a huge struggle for him. He is in 2nd grade, but knew no English when he started in August. He has had to learn the alphabet and the sounds letters make while the rest of his class is reading. Essie and Chloe are reading more than he is because their program is geared towards kids who are just learning to read and write. After 3 months of frustration, I think we finally have a good system down with Amsalu and the ESL teacher at school regarding spelling and reading and Amsalu was beaming with pride when he told us he got 100% on his spelling test.


Richelle said...

Awesome job guys!! So happy for all of you!!

Wes And Nina said...

Don't know why, but this post made me tear up. So happy for you guys, and so proud of this family. I love adoption and the beautiful redemption that comes with it.