Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adoption #2 Update

Just found out from our agency that Ethiopia has extended the deadline and cases now must be submitted before May 21st. They did caution us that dates in Ethiopia often don't match US dates (since they have a different calendar) so that date might be a little off, but at least we have a little more breathing room. I still won't breathe easier until our case has been submitted. Plus I'm just ready to have our boys home.

When we told the girls about their brothers in December, we told them they would not be home until it got warmer outside. The other day the girls and I were watching the weather and I started cheering when they said we were expecting warmer temps all week. Chloe said, "Now Micah and Isaiah came home?" I just about broke into tears. Instead I said, "no, Honey, it has to get MORE warmer." Here's hoping we still get the boys home during the summer.


Emy said...

Oh, so sweet! Praying ALL of their paperwork is ready soon so that all 4 of your kids are playing together this summer!

♪~Jenn~♪ said...

praying for a swift court date for you!!