Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Preparations

In the spirit of Christmas, the Kinnell house has been a flurry of activity. Yesterday I (Amy) thought I had a great idea of having the girls use tissue paper to decorate Christmas trees for the grandparents. Unfortunately, I forgot that 4 year olds attention spans are about 2 minutes long. We finished up the trees with a lot of help from me and Ababa, but I know the grandparents will love their trees.

Essie & Chloe
This morning the girls woke us up with squeals that it had snowed, but honestly, it wasn't more than a dusting. Essie got to make a snow ball out of it and declared it was indeed cold. Ababa did better occupying the girls today by making butter balls. The girls enjoyed squishing the dough in their fingers and the cookies turned out great! We capped off the day by attending Old Fashion Christmas for not as long as mommy would like to have been there, but again 4 year olds attention spans are not that long when its only 30 degrees outside and there was a large group of people.

Love Essie's face in this one

Love Chloe's face in this one

Essie after testing the fruit (or cookies) of her labor

What a mess!

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Anonymous said...

Chloe's face in that 1 picture made me laugh and laugh!!!