Wednesday, July 22, 2009

man's best friend ≠ 3 year old's best friend, or does it?

For those of you who haven't met our 60lb. Springer Spaniel named Caesar, he can be a bit of a lumbering oaf at times. This morning the girls and I were heading downstairs so they could watch "Cind*rella". As usual, Caesar came barreling down the stairs after us and just about knocked Essie down the stairs. She managed to hold on but when she came finally came down, she lit into Caesar about pushing her and almost knocking her down. Caesar by this point was lying on the coach (his favorite place to be) and looking all pathetic at her. I tried to explain that Caesar doesn't understand how big he is and that he doesn't mean to run into them. He just likes running down stairs. I told them it would be better for them to wait until Caesar ran downstairs before they started down, but that wasn't a sufficient answer for Essie. I got the movie started and headed back upstairs to get some work done. Caesar of course followed me (he's my first baby, after all) and half way up the stairs I hear Chloe yell, "It's ok Caesar. The movie not scary. It's a good one."

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