Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friends from Ethiopia!

On Monday, we had a lovely visit with some of the kids from Ethiopia that were in our adoption agency's transition house at the same time our girls were. They now live with their forever family in West Virginia, but their grandparents live near us so they came over to play.

Afton (Tamarit to our girls), Essie, Chloe & Mastewal

I really don't think its fair that Afton's hair is longer than our girls.

Even though the girls say they don't remember Mastewal, they quickly befriended her and wouldn't let her out of their sight.

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Emily said...

Hey. I'm Emily. I worked in the transition house and met you guys when you picked up the girls. It is so good to see that they are doing good and seem to be adjusting. I would love to hear how they are doing.